MuseumMuseum of the Vesuvius National Park

The Cultural CenterMuseum of the Vesuvius National Park

In the cultural center of Villa Regina was instituted the Museum of the Vesuvius National Park dedicated to the volcano, its history and the surrounding area.

The museum is located within a series of buildings which includes the Multimedia Center, where a series of panels and installations tell the story of Vesuvius and the lifestyle of the inhabitants of the Vesuvian area before 79 A.D., and the Auditorium capable of accommodating 324 spectators.

Inside the museum, instead, there is an exhibition showing the history of Vesuvius, the geological evolution of Somma-Vesuvius and the development of life, flora and fauna in the area around the volcano.

The rooms inside the Museum

The Museum of the Vesuvius National Park is divided into 5 rooms with external areas.

The rooms discuss:

  • The evolution of the volcano, through a large-format plastic model, focusing on the eruptive processes and rock formation that led to the current conformation of the Vesuvius and the park;
  • The formation and the changes the Vesuvian soil has undergone over time;
  • The composition of Vesuvian soil, its properties and changes, and the animal and vegetable species that live in the Vesuvius area. The latter are also reproduced in the flowerbeds outside the Museum;
  • The interactions over the centuries between man and Vesuvius, the use that the former has made of the territory and the incorrect practices adopted, with analysis of their effects on the environment and the population.

* The photographic material on this page is property of the Museum of the Vesuvius National Park.

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